Trained through the
Institute of Life Coach
Training and Life Purpose
Coaching Centers,

Discovering God
Some of Jan’s earliest memories involve carefree exploration of the great outdoors and practicing her creativity in nature. She reflects, “While I played in the forests, creeks, fields, and flower gardens near my first home in Illinois, I experienced God through His creation.”

Jan’s innate sense of design has always engaged the creative joy she remembers as a little girl. She treasures the moments in which God allowed her to express natural talents–even if she didn’t fully identify them until a later season of life.

Uncovering His Plan
Though Jan witnessed God’s glory as a child, it wasn’t until 1978, as a grown woman, that she opened her heart to God’s Spirit and mercy. Just a year later, Jan moved to Northern California with her husband and son where the Lord began to lead Jan into deeper self-understanding.

There, amidst the natural beauty of the coast, San Francisco Bay and redwood forests, Jan reconnected with her Creator and His plans for her life. Seeking to fill the nagging void still in her heart, Jan searched intently for the truth about herself–her strengths, abilities, values, and unfulfilled longings–and how she could use them to experience the abundant life God promised in His Word. God answered in a big way.

Using Her Gifts
Today, after much perseverance in self-discovery, Jan is a Life Coach trained through the Institute for Life Coach Training. She is also a Certified Life Purpose Coach and Certified Life Plan Facilitator trained by Katie Brazelton, acclaimed author of Pathway to Purpose and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International.

Jan’s gifts as a Life Coach are complemented by her study of Psychology in college, small group development and leadership in her church, and staff involvement in CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Seminars).

“My passion is partnering with people who want to become all they can be, the person God called them to be. As a life coach, I look forward to seeing the masterpiece called...You!”

– Jan Stanish