Trained through the
Institute of Life Coach
Training and Life Purpose
Coaching Centers,
Michelangelo saw angels in what seemed to others like large uninteresting blocks of marble. Thomas Merton claimed, “There is in all things a hidden wholeness.” Both understood that there is an often hidden potential in every person to be free, to soar, to be whole.

In each one of us lives a powerful longing to uncover authentic gifts we alone have to offer - to discover and set free our own personal angel.

Through Soul Space Studio, you are invited to sit at the windowsill of your soul and peer into the Master’s studio. Here you will learn how to:

– Discover parts of your life that eagerly await creative expression
– Identify and revive your passions to bring about fulfillment and deep inner joy
– Let God reveal how your life story and natural gifts create a work of art the world needs

Life coaching through Soul Space Studio is a journey. But as you awaken dormant gifts and unearth buried passions, you’ll see that the outcome of this creative process is truly a masterpiece from God. A masterpiece

“For years, I dreamed of discovering what my true, God-given talents were. I wanted to use them not only to honor God, but to live a life of wholeness and meaning while serving others on earth. You can probably relate...Only through self-understanding did God unveil my true purpose. I now believe He has called me to ”know the word that sustains the weary” and to creatively use my own gifts to help others discover theirs (Isaiah 50:4).

All it requires is a courageous spirit, a little digging, and openness to God revealing the treasures He placed within each one of us.”

Jan Stanish
Certified Life Purpose Coach and Certified Life Purpose Facilitator